When The Butterfly Emerges From Her Cocoon

Lis Gal
5 min readOct 17, 2019

Many times others stories can inspire you to dig deeper within yourself and metamorphosis can take place, even if it’s temporary- keep a mental or written journal.

Many of the articles I write are Retweeted on Twitter over and over. It’s always refreshing when I receive comments online because I know my article was actually read AND, these same people people who leave comments can be our teachers or we can share information about our anxiety and/or depression, even if the circumstances differ.

Recently, someone tweeted to me that they are thankful for my articles because not only can they relate, it gives them hope. As we developed a “twitter convo” and I also found out the person suffers from generalized anxiety and depression along ADHD. This person told me they were diagnosed as an adult with ADHD & they changed his medications. He told me for the most part the medications were helping but he’s still prone to generalized anxiety and depression.

What works for one person may not work for another but I did share that if he’s feeling fairly stable, to seek out counseling. I don’t claim to have the answers because I’m constantly searching for my own answers. I did have a revelation after conversing with this person, I was never tested for ADD or ADHD and I had and still do exhibit symptoms of it. So, I will ask my Doctor to be tested. I was never able to sit still in class without interrupting or going into my own zone…a zone that blocked stimuli, you know, the stuff we were supposed to be learning?

I was always distracted, had a hard time studying because my mind would think of 1000 other things I could be doing. School bored me and my mind was wandering most of the time.

Do I have ADD or ADHD? I don’t know, but it’s worth looking into since generalized anxiety and depression are part of the equation.

Most of us us who suffer from generalized anxiety and/or depression feel utter frustration and defeated many times. But, when we hear of a new treatment, a possibility that something else may be the cause or can talk openly with those who understand well, it renews our hope. Hope is hard to come by when you’re experiencing chronic anxiety on a regular basis. But, hope can renew the soul, even if it doesn’t last.



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