Female Boss From Hell? One Reason You May Want to Bite Your Tongue

Lis Gal
6 min readJul 29, 2018

I had a boss years ago who was pleasant to me until I became pregnant.

I was working in Respiratory Therapy when I became pregnant with my first child. We worked 10 hour shifts, 40 hours a week.

I enjoyed my schedule because it gave me one extra day off per week, which was a nice reprieve from 8 hours per day, 5 days a week.

Even though we were scheduled to work 40 hours per week, hardly a week went by that I wasn’t called and asked if I could come in an extra shift to fill in for someone. I usually said yes- that is, until I became pregnant.

I had extreme morning sickness and it would last all day long. I’m not sure why it’s termed morning sickness when most women are sick for a vast majority of the day. It took everything I had deep within me just to get to work each day and full fill my 40 hour per week schedule.

It never failed, when I had a day off after I became pregnant it seemed the calls were coming in on a regular basis, “Lisa, can you come in today, we need an extra person.” I would feel guilty when she called on my day off and make up excuses… “Uh, sorry I can’t, I have plans today.” Why did I feel I had to make excuses when I was legitimately sick and legitimately off for the day?!!

My boss continued to call me more frequently on my days off than she did prior to me getting pregnant. I was miffed and confused; why now… why now…?

One day I walked into work and my boss cornered me. She said, “I went to administration today and found out that you are required to work 50% of all over time or I CAN write you up.” I remember feeling speechless and completely pissed at the same time.

I walked around the corner where a few co-workers were standing and they noticed an odd look on my face, maybe I looked like I was going to explode? One girl asked if I was okay and I said, “NO!” I had 3 co-workers standing with me and they all asked what happened? I told them about the demands my boss put on my and then I remember saying, “I’m so pissed my ass is on fire.” Someone asked if needed an ice bucket to cool it off? That was an ‘ice breaker,’ and I told them, I thought it was usually your face and ears that became red and felt like they…



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